Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Environmental Science

First Advisor

Dr. Yaser EI-Sheshtawy

Second Advisor

Dr. Mohsen Aboulnaga

Third Advisor

Dr. Mohamed EI-Amrousi


The purpose of this study was to explore environmental quality factors in the workplace and to examine the level of job satisfaction among the employees of Etisalat Al-Ain through three main factors: visual privacy, acoustical privacy and social interaction. The theoretical and conceptual elements of the study evolved from the literature of office history, behaviour studies, building performance evaluation and job satisfaction.

Data were gathered in two stages, first phase with a population of 10 and second stage with 100 subjects of Etisalat employees, including both those working in open plan workstations and those who work in enclosed offices.

Using a pre-general pilot questionnaire followed by another specific main questionnaire, coupled with personal interviews and researcher own observation, an attempt was made to determine the job and employee satisfaction based on the employee's perspective and responses to certain concepts of the workplace.

Based on the results of the field work, both privacy types have great attention from all employees, but acoustical privacy was more important to them. Social interaction was limited and the most attractive place to them was the public area. I also found that both types of privacy related to satisfaction with workspaces and job satisfaction. This held for all types of job.

Therefore, it is suggested that more attention be given to the privacy issue in the workplace, especially the acoustical privacy and office design. It's also suggested that more research be conducted in the areas of job satisfaction, environmental quality in offices, and communication. Some architectural changes were recommended in order to improve the Etisalat workplace environmental quality.