Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Environmental Science

First Advisor

Abdelouahhab Zaid

Second Advisor

Dr. Mohamed Abdel-Ghani Award

Third Advisor

Dr. Hazem A. H. Kataya


The UAE attaches great importance to agricultural development with a sound focus on date palms. This special attention is obvious in the ongoing expansion of agricultural resources and investments, the growing number of palm trees, and in the extensive use of modern technologies. Mass cultivation of date palm trees is required to continue according to the country's agricultural plans.

In order to achieve these agricultural expansion of date palm, new techniques of propagation other than traditional techniques (seed and offshoot propagation) are critically required. Tissue culture is a modern and reliable technology being one of the main methods for date palm propagation. However, such technique seems to be expensive and has a few problems that still need to be studied carefully.

Trueness-to-type and appearance of abnormalities are the most serious problems associated with the tissue culture derived plants. These problems can be solved and perhaps eliminated by further study on developing the conditions used in this technique. The aim of the present investigation is to study the morphological abnormalities in tissue culture-derived date palm plants and to relate these abnormalities to the applied conditions during the in vitro multiplication process. These results will contribute to avoiding such shortcomings in the future and avoid the occurrence and propagation of such abnormalities.