Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Environmental Science

First Advisor

Ahmed AI-Serif AI-Badawy

Second Advisor

EI-Sayed Hassan EI-Haddad

Third Advisor

Maher Noaman Mohamed


This work aimed to study the growth and physiological performance of SIX forage and

landscape species grown in Nahshalah farm , Zayed International Agricultural and Environmental Research Program Among these species 4 mangrove plants were first Introduced to U. A. E cli mate and soils In addition, Acacia ampliceps and Atriplex amnicola The study covered 1- 7 years plants were irrigated With 25 ppt . Saline water. The study investigated also the changes in the soil chemical characteristics and mineral composition during the 1 -9 years direct irrigation with saline water

The growth performance was measured based on the sufficient contents of the essential macro and micro-elements, carbohydrates, and proteins buildup In the plant issues

The physiological performance of the six plant species was measured based on the measurements of their air and leaf temperature differential, leaf conductance and transpiration rates proline concentration, and photosynthetic pigments

The results Indicated a good performance In the growth where the proteins Carbohydrate s, and the elemental contents were above critical levels The physiological behavior was Indicative of plants that could stand the multiple stress factors such as the com bi nation of high temperature , salinity, and osmotic-water uptake problems

Despite the low growth performance In terms of carbohydrate buildup and deficiency of some elements in few species such as L. Racemosa old groups, the overall growth and physiological performance of these plants under direct Irrigation with saline water was very good this is encouraging to start a good management plan to spread these species In the United Arab Emirates It is also Important to supply adequate elements to the soil media of the preliminary growth. Especially those which showed to be deficient in some plants