Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Environmental Science

First Advisor

Dr. AbdeI-Mohsen O. Mohamed

Second Advisor

Essam Abdel-Hafiz

Third Advisor

Mostafa Warith


In this study, approaches to environmental impact assessment are reviewed and discussed. An expert system tool has been developed via the use of Microsoft Access tool for data management and Visual Basic programming for decision-making. Policies and regulations included in the program are based on the Technical Guidelines # 4 of the Dubai Municipality. The salient features of the program can be summarized as follows: the program allows the EIA applicant to input all the necessary information about his/her company and its activities. All discharges to air, water and land are compared with TG # 4 and status report is issued indicating whether or not the application is in compliance with the current policies and regulations. Also, suggested measures are outlined to mitigate the anticipated adverse impact.

The Program is documented and an example is given to highlight its use. It is anticipated that such program could be adapted by Federal Environmental Agency for EIAs throughout the UAE.