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Master of Science (MS)



First Advisor

Naser Qamhieh

Second Advisor

Ahmad Ayesh

Third Advisor

Falah Awwad


Graphite-oxide based metal–oxide–semiconductor field-effect transistors (MOSFETs) were fabricated and used as glucose sensor. Herein, graphite-oxide was assembled between two planer electrical electrodes. The sensitivity of the sensor has been enhanced by adding copper (Cu) or silver (Ag) nanoparticles. The nanoparticles were produced by sputtering and inert gas condensation inside an ultra-high vacuum compatible system, and they were self-assembled on the graphite-oxide. The sensitivity of the sensor was increased by an order of magnitude when the silver nanoparticles were added. The sensitivity of each MOSFET was studied at different concentrations of non-enzymatic glucose for potential use in medical and industrial applications.

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Physics Commons