Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Education (MEd)


Educational Leadership

First Advisor

Dr. Sultan AI Suwaidi

Second Advisor

Dr. Qasim Alshannag

Third Advisor

Dr. Mohamed Alhosani


This quantitative study aimed at investigating the students' and teachers' perceptions about the effects of classroom density on teacher's performance and student's achievement in Al-Ain Schools. The study addressed the two research questions (a). To what extent classroom density impact teacher's performance in Al-Ain Cycle Three Schools? (b) To what extent classroom density impact students' achievement in Al-Ain Cycle Three Schools? To have an in-depth understanding of whether class density impacted teaching and learning students, the causal comparative study design was conducted to collect data via two questionnaires; one for teachers, and the other for grade 12 students. The findings of this study revealed that classroom density impacted both the teacher's performance and students' achievement negatively according to the perceptions of most teachers and students. The study grants some insights that help schools and all stakeholders improve teaching and learning by reducing the classroom density. It is recommended to take into consideration the classroom density and set rules that decrease the classroom density; set clear rules to the importance of availability of multifunctional halls and using multifunctional furniture, deliver non-traditional lessons and integrate technology in teaching and learning in classrooms in Al-Ain schools. The study is limited to grade twelve students in one academic year 2014 in one educational zone. It included one Cycle three school teachers.