Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Environmental Science

First Advisor

Dr. Ahmad Rashed

Second Advisor

Dr. Abdullah M. Alshamai

Third Advisor

Prof. John Glasson


With no doubt the Urban & Economic Development should persist in Dubai with same current rates to sustain prosperous living conditions for the inhabitants of the Emirate. These rates have exceeded the International rates in some aspects specially those related to Urban Sprawl and Power Consumption, Telecommunication Services, etc.

To insure the continuity of this economic growth, a balance should be established between consumption rates and natural component depletion. To achieve this balance, certain criteria and regulations should occur focusing on Environmental Balance and Environmental Impact Assessment which consider all permutable aspects. So as to avoid multiple negative effects in the future or those which could not be even handled.

Through the study it has been concluded that the Federal Legislation Abiding the Environmental Protection is currently inapplicable in Dubai in spite of the existence of clear procedures for the evaluation process through it is merely applicable on Industrial Projects only and decided by Planning Department, however the other parties were directive only.

The statistics from meetings and questioners have indicated the weak perception of the owners for considering the environmental impact. Also the Contracting Companies and the Investors are avoiding the conduction of the Traffic Impact Assessment. Meetings with specialized employees of Municipality Departments showed a different degree of awareness despite of agreeing about its effective roll in sustainable development.

The questioners with Consultants showed their willingness to cater for these studies and the positive effects that could be reached compared to the present situation especially on the long run with the Consultants specialized in the Traffic Impact Studies.