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Master of Education (MEd)



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Muhammed Jasim Akram Al Ali

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Muhammed Jabeer Kassim

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Ibrahim Al Mujaini


United Arab Emirates University adopted a particular project aiming to improve and develop the learning process. The idea of the research focused on the utilization of mobile learning in classrooms through using the iPad devices by students in different content areas. Applying such a notion helped in motivating students in learning, especially, for some courses featured as more theoretical and abstract like Emirati Studies course. The Emirati Studies, considering as a compulsory course for the students in the UAEU, addresses different aspects related to the Emirati community whether socially, historically, geographically, politically or economically. So, the purpose of this study is to explore the effectiveness of mobile leaning utilization in developing students’ achievement and motivation in Emirati Studies course. The study was conducted in the United Arab Emirates University in Al-Ain City during spring semester (2015-2016). The sample was selected through using stratified sampling technique; in which the population was divided into two subgroups including (97) male students and (104) female students studying in four sections distributed equally for both genders. The researcher employed a descriptive method to construct a list of standers for creating a digital learning unit using mobile learning in addition to using the quasi-experimental research design, the sample was selected and divided into two groups; the experimental group included (55) female students and (49) male students, and the control group contained (52) female students and (44) male students. The content was selected from the Emirati Studies’ content in which the experimental group was taught by using mobile learning, while the control group used the same content through applying the conventional way of teaching. The content was digitized by utilizing the iBook author application. Data were collected through carrying out an achievement test and adopted John Keller’s Instructional Materials Motivation Scale (IMMS) after translating it to Arabic. Data were statistically analyzed by employing t-test to show the significant differences of the means between the two groups in both; the achievement test and the motivation scale. The results revealed that there was statistic significant differences at (0.05) between the experimental group and control group in both the achievement and the motivation measurement for the benefit of the experimental group. The research used (ETA) Square to identify the practical value of the experimental method, The research findings suggest that mobile learning has minimal effectiveness in improving UAEU students’ achievement in the course “Emirati Studies”. The results, however, point out the effectiveness of using mobile learning that adopts Keller’s model in fostering UAEU students’ motivation in studying the course “Emirati Studies”. The recommendations in this study were illustrated in considering (ARCS) Model of motivation in designing any targeted content to serve the learning process, and in implementing mobile learning in other content areas.

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