The Gulf Cooperation Council, Economic Integration, and The United Arab Emirates as a Case Study

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Master of Science in Economics (MSECO)


The purpose of thi paper is to provide the reader with an in-depth analysis of the Gulf Cooperation Council (G C) and one of its member countries, the United Arab Emirates (UAE). By analyzing the GCC and the role of the UAE within it, it is hoped that the reader will develop a better understanding of the important role this organization and country play within world oil markets. The paper begins with a brief history ofthe GCC and the UAE. This is followed by an explanation ofthe economic structure of the GCC and the role it plays within world oil markets. A discussion of the UAE is next, with special emphasis being placed on the ways in which the country is preparing for the new millennium. Of special importance are the UAE s prop_)sed adiyat Free Trade Zone (SFTZ), the future stock market, and the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA). These organizations play a vital role in helping diversify the UAE economy. My attempt in this thesis is to provide a comprehensive introduction to the GCC, its institutions, and one of its noteworthy members, the United Arab Emirates. This is done in order to emphasize the complexity and significance of the GCC and the UAE, as well as to analyze the impact these have on political, social, and economic developments outside their borders.

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