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Master of Education (MEd)



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لدكتور محمد الحو سني

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الدكتور علي الكعبي

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الدكتور علي إبراهيم


This study aims to evaluate the effectiveness of the academic advising

program in guiding registered students enrolled at Abu Dhabi Education and

Vocational Training Institute in the areas of: admission and registration

procedures; the academic advisor; induction and orientation programs in view

of variables of gender; level of study; academic major; and students’

suggestions about the academic advising program. The sample consisted of

226 male and female students from Al Ain branch. The study was conducted

during the academic year 2015-2016. The researcher used a survey

questionnaire and conducted interviews with a focus group as instruments to

collect the data.

The results of the study indicated the following: students face problems

with admission and registration procedures and issues related to the role of the

academic advisor in guiding students to choose their academic majors. The

results also indicated that there are issues related to a lack of induction

programs and a lack of providing adequate information resources such as

booklets and guidance brochures. In addition to that, there are some

differences related to gender favoring the males. Statistical significances were

present also in the study level variable. However, there were no statistical

differences related to the academic major variable.

As for the qualitative results, the themes reflecting students’ responses

such as: that the registration system does not comply with technological

development in other universities in the UAE; studying in semesters (batches)

causes psychological and social stress on students; providing variety of study

programs; and there is a lack of written and electronic guidance resources. The

most significant recommendations and suggestions of the study revolves

around activating the electronic website for registration, increasing academic

majors offered, providing more opportunities for self-development, as well as

determining suitable times allocated to offer academic advising services.

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