Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Environmental Science

First Advisor

Prof. Mohamed Fathy Hamoda

Second Advisor

Prof. Mohamed Mamdouh Khattab

Third Advisor

Dr. Mohamed Ubaid Qubati


This thesis presents a finite difference model and its associated computer program. The model has been developed for simulating the pumpage and predicting the water table fluctuations corresponding to different boundary conditions. The mathematical model solves the partial differential equation of groundwater flow by using the finite different techniques.

The model has been verified against known field measurements taken from existing wells in Al-Ain area. Water samples from these existing wells have been collected and tested in the UAE university laboratories to determine their chemical characteristics. All field data have given close results to those predicted by the model and have illustrated the reliability and accuracy of the model. This model can be used for planning adequate pumping systems that will not affect soil properties and will ultimately lead to proper design of concrete foundations and underground services without adverse effects from groundwater pollution or groundwater fluctuations. A case study is presented to clarify the effect of the groundwater rise and chloride attack on the concrete building foundations.