Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering (MSME)


Mechanical Engineering

First Advisor

YousefHaik, Chair

Second Advisor

Dr. Saud Aldajah

Third Advisor

Dr. Ahmed AIawar, Internal Examiner


Nanocomposite materials have seen a significant increase in use and have created a revolution in high-performance structures. They exploit the properties of different materials which create structures that are stronger, stiffer, impact resistant and more durable against environmental factors. They can be tailored to have better electric, magnetic, optical properties, and be chemically, thermally and explosion resistant depending on the application. The current research study investigates the impact characteristics of polymeric based nanaocomposites strengthened with various types of nano and micro filler. An in-house designed impact testing machine was utilized to typify the impact characteristics of different nanocomposite materials through a dead weight drop mechanism. In other to fully understand the role of nano and micro fillers in enhancing the mechanical properties of composite materials, a number of samples were prepared and tested. The samples include layered woven Kevlar with Carbon Nanotubes, Nanoclay, Aluminum Oxide and Silicon Carbide particles. Different weight percentages of fillers were prepared in order to optimize the impact behavior of the composite material. Three-point bending test, nano-indentation, microhardness DSC and TGA were utilized to study the impact of the above mentioned nano and micro fillers on the thermal, flexure and mechanical behavior of the composites. The results showed that the nanoclay fillers were the best to enhance the impact and mechanical properties of the composite materials with 4.3 weight % of nanoclays being the optimum percentage.