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Master of Education (MEd)


Educational Leadership

First Advisor

Mohammad Abdel Dayem

Second Advisor

Dr. Abdulrahman Salem Alnuimi

Third Advisor

Dr. Ali Said AI Kaabi


This study examines the characteristics of school leadership professional development programs through conducting a training needs assessment utilizing a questionnaire on school principals in Al-Ain Educational zone during 2010-2011. The study employs two research paradigms that are quantitative and qualitative, where multiple-choice items and open-ended questions are combined in a questionnaire used to collect data. The sample included 50 female and male school principals out of 114 school principals in Al Ain zone, presenting cycle one (Grade 1-5), two (Grade 6-9) and three (Grade 10 – 12), including common schools (school that cover two cycles or more). The study found out that the assessment of school principals of the training needs are high in the six clusters, leading strategically, leading the community, leading people, leading teaching and learning, leading the organization and finally the self-management ; where leading teaching and learning, leading strategically mean represent the highest in compared to the other clusters. Besides, among the suggesting regarding the improvement of professional development programs, 16 school principals (representing 32% of the sample) emphasized the need of conducting training needs assessment as prior to planning for PD programs. The research provide recommendations regarding the construction of development activities that target school leadership.

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