Date of Award


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Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Environmental Science

First Advisor

Dr. Khaled Amiri

Second Advisor

Dr. Sofyan Alyan

Third Advisor

Dr. Mohsin Sulaiman Alaamri


Human Y chromosome is a specific male marker and it consists of the largest non-recombining segment in human genome that is the hallmark of Y chromosome population-based studies.This stud establishes an extensive Y poly-morph ism profile of the U A E Population and to our knowledge, this is the largest study carried out in the UAE.

DNA samples were for 1 7 polymorphic STR from 345 unrelated Emirate male. In UAE population, the analysis of the allele frequency clearly shows that each u ha a predominant allele. It is also apparent that alleles for most loci are clustered over a narrow range \ here approximately 60% - 80% of the population is sharing a specific allele for the locus. Moreover, the highest diversity were observed at locus DYS458 = 0.9, DYS3 85-A = 0.9 and DY 3 85 -B = 0.9. Therefore, they should be considered as the most Variable and most informative markers for forensic testing. While, loci with the Lover diversity are the least informative loci ( i .e. DYS392 which equal 0.437).

The UAE population is largely heterogeneous and a total of 3 0 1 different Haplotype were identified. There are 271 unique haplotype and 22 haplotype were Shared between 1:\\ 0 individuals. There are three cases \ here four. Five and six Individuals are sharing identical haplotype. Moreover, there are three different Haplotype shared by five individuals. This is likely due to the sharing of mo t Common recent ancestors. This brings the discrimination capacity to approximately 90% and haplotype diversity 99.885%. This is fundamental to understanding the Degree of heterogeneity in E population and can reflect the pattern of the Migration, geographic influence, and cultural influence. Secondly. The study provide An array of haplotype that can serve as database for forensic uses . To this end. United Arab Emirate population is divers and are genetically close to neighboring Countries. Analysis of molecular variance (M VA) how no significant genetic Differences within U A E population or population residing the Arabian Gulf region.