Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Education (MEd)


Curriculum & Instruction

First Advisor

Dr. Sadiq Abdulwahed Ismail

Second Advisor

Dr. Abdulrahman Almekhlafi

Third Advisor

Dr. Hamed M. Alawadi


This study intended to examine primary English language teachers ' perception toward professional development program in Public Private Partner hip (PPP) school . It aimed at identifying to what extent the e teacher thought these program helped them improve as ESL teacher. The data was obtained through conducting focused-group interviews and a survey. The study took place i n 1- in Educational zone during 2010-2011. The interview sample included 18 female and male teachers and the survey sample included 30 out of 60 out of 17 PPP primary schools in A l in. The study found that one-shot workshop PD model in PPP was perceived negatively by English language teachers while model that encouraged Collegiality and collaboration among teachers have been highly appreciated. It was also found that many of the PD program might not be very successful due to the lack of content focus, coherence, negligence of ESL teachers ' needs and incompetent trainers . The study suggested implementing principles of high quality PDs to enhance teachers' motivation therefore their perception . The study al 0 highly recommends taking language teachers' needs a well as utilizing variation of effective PD approaches into consideration.