Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Education (MEd)


Educational Leadership

First Advisor

Dr. Hasan Essa AI Khamiri

Second Advisor

Dr. Ali said Ibrahim

Third Advisor

Dr. Mohamed AI Hosani


This research paper aims to identify the process of Delegation in School's administration in Secondary in AI- Ain Education Zone by answering the following questions

  • What procedure used to delegate responsibilities by school administration?
  • Does Applying delegation according to gender differ through administration?
  • How can we improve delegation of responsibility with secondary schools?

The researcher sample include the administration staff from different secondary public schools in Al-Ain Education Zone: it consists of 108 administration staff. This sample was convenience and represents approximately 40% of the research community.

The research used the quantitative analytical and descriptive methods to complete the research, A survey was conducted which was made of 4 standards as well as 37 statements to be answered. Personal interviews used with the administration staff to assist the research to introduce methods that would help to improve the delegation process in Al Ain Secondary schools.

Fine tuning procedure has many advantages that relate the educational establishment. While affect to students. The most significant ones are:

  • Improving the employees self –confidence which increase their productivity and creativity to achieve result.
  • The principal should encourage the employees to make decisions and solve problems.

Perspective candidates who possess the appropriate qualities that suit should selected.

The lack of applying proficient the delegation process in schools is a result of exorbitant responsibilities that are connected to the delegation. Based on the results that the study has reached, the researcher introduced a number of recommendations that are:

Motivating the administrative leaders to practice delegation and make it their top priority. This can achieved by creating a system that follows up the effective way of delegation as well as giving training courses for principals and administration about the reality concept and outcomes of delegation